Built on 14 islands around one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval city centres, Stockholm is a city of contrasts. It is simultaneously urban and close to nature, with green areas and lakes around every corner. Trends in music, design, fashion and technology are born here, and innovations that spread worldwide are invented here. Ranked one of Europe’s most innovative and liveable cities, it is home to more unicorn companies per capita than any other region in the world after Silicon Valley.

Sustainability has long been a focal point for Stockholm. The City’s first environment programme was adopted as early as 1976, and has been continuously developed ever since. As a result, Stockholm is one of few cities worldwide whose climate policies are compatible with the goals of the Paris agreement. Having managed to reduce CO2 emissions per capita by 58% already since 1990.

During this time, Stockholm has also been one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. With the number of inhabitants rising from 675,000 to nearly one million, and local GDP increasing by 78% since 2000 alone. Having already shown that ambitious climate policies and economic prosperity can go hand in hand, Stockholm’s City Council recently decided to set its sights even higher, adopting a plan to make Stockholm not just fossil fuel free, but climate positive by 2040.

Stockholm also has a rich cultural life comprising exciting architecture, museums and unique neighbourhoods. Where trendy bars and world-class restaurants are shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafes and cosy pubs. This is a city of modern galleries, as well as small boutiques, unique shops and exclusive department stores. Stages and arenas attract Swedish and international stars. Large and small events come one after the next.

Open and welcoming, innovative and diverse, it is – and will remain – a city for everyone.

Anna König Jerlmyr Mayor
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