Executive leadership

Our network is led by 12 elected cities and their mayors. Six Forum chairs lead our thematic work. And our team in the Brussels office supports them all.

Executive committee

  • Dario Nardella Mayor of Florence President
  • Burkhard Jung Mayor of Leipzig Vice President
  • Rafał Trzaskowski Mayor of Warsaw Treasurer
  • Mathias De Clercq Mayor of Ghent Secretary
  • Ada Colau Mayor of Barcelona
  • Ricardo Rio Mayor of Braga
  • Mihhail Kõlvart Mayor of Tallinn
  • Johanna Rolland Mayor of Nantes
  • Raymond Johansen Governing Mayor of Oslo
  • Ahmed Aboutaleb Mayor of Rotterdam
  • Karin Wanngård Mayor of Stockholm
  • Michael Ludwig Mayor of Vienna

Forum chairs

  • Annekatrin Klepsch Deputy Mayor of Dresden Culture
  • Anni Sinnemäki Deputy Mayor of Helsinki economic development
  • Filipe Araújo Deputy Mayor of Porto environment
  • Laia Bonet Deputy Mayor of Barcelona Digital
  • Jean-Claude Dardelet Deputy Mayor of Toulouse mobility
  • Rachel Streefland Deputy Mayor of Utrecht social affairs

Our work sprouts from the ideas and discussions developed within our Forums and Working Groups

Cooperation working groups :

  • Children and young people (Leeds)
  • European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and enlargement (Vienna & Kharkov) 
  • Food (Milan) 
  • Public services (Nantes Metropole) 
  • Public procurement (Haarlem) 
  • Substance abuse prevention (Oslo)

Culture forum & working groups :

  • Art and culture in public spaces (Munich)
  • Cultural resources and partnerships (Espoo) 
  • Cultural services and culture for inclusive cities (Belfast) 
  • Skills, creativity, and work (Ghent & Eindhoven)

Econominc Development forum & working groups :

  • City branding and international economic relations (Genoa) 
  • Entrepreneurship and SMEs (Braga) 
  • Innovation (London) 
  • Long term investment (Gothenburg)

Knowledge Society forum & working groups :

  • Data (Zaragoza)
  • Digital citizenship (Genoa & Zaragoza) 
  • Urban digital foresight (Ghent & Rotterdam)

Social Affairs forum & working groups :

  • Education (Amsterdam)
  • Employment (Barcelona) 
  • Homelessness (Glasgow) 
  • Housing (Vienna) 
  • Migration and integration (Amsterdam) 
  • Roma inclusion (Glasgow) 
  • Smart social inclusion (Rotterdam) 
  • Urban ageing (Amsterdam)

Mobility forum & working groups :

  • Barrier-free city for all (Barcelona) 
  • Planning streets for people (Malmo) 
  • Digital and automated mobility (Lisbon) 
  • Zero-emission mobility (London)

Environment forum & working groups :

  • Air quality (Berlin & London) 
  • Climate change and energy efficiency (Stockholm & Utrecht) 
  • Green areas and biodiversity (Utrecht and Guimaraes) 
  • Noise (Rotterdam & Turin) 
  • Waste (Ljubljana & Oslo) 
  • Water (Porto)

Urban Govenanace working groups :

  • Cohesion policy and structural funds (Florence) 
  • Creative citizenship (Nantes Metropole)
  • Metropolitan areas (Brno)
  • Urban Agenda for the EU (Amsterdam)