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Digital and automated mobility

Cooperative, connected, and automated mobility (CCAM) promises a cleaner, safer and more accessible mobility system for all. While it has the potential to reduce urban congestion and air pollution and foster the transition to cleaner modes of transport by better traffic management, without proper planning, the implementation of this new technology could lead to negative consequences. As an example, more cars could be added to the city streets if CCAM is approached as a replacement for mass transit.

With the revision of the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive in 2023, the EU provides the direction in which the Member States should be going concerning sustainable and smart mobility in the upcoming years. While interest from city administrations in deploying automated mobility solutions varies across the continent, it is important to note that testing CCAM in real-life scenarios remains challenging due to differing and complex regulatory frameworks.

With the appropriate local policy and regulatory framework, CCAM is a powerful tool to reach climate neutrality. Eurocities is working towards a city where technological innovations are at the service of its inhabitants through the EU projects SHOW and FAME. These projects aim to ensure that the deployment of automated mobility is aligned with cities’ best interests and help cities understand the opportunities and challenges CCAM brings.

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Clarisse De Cerjat Project Coordinator


  • Looking for a Europe where electric vehicle charging is widespread, efficient and works for users? Look no further.

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  • FAME  (Framework for coordination of Automated Mobility in Europe) aims to develop common methodologies and tools to facilitate the sharing of best practices to support Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) stakeholders.

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  • SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption (SHOW) will test shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport, to advance sustainable urban mobility.

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