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Smart cities & digital transformation

European cities have been leading the way on smart city development for over a decade. Cities are pioneers in testing and implementing innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions to become greener, more efficient, and better places. Working at an EU and on local projects and initiatives, city governments have fostered territorial and multi-level collaboration and increasingly developed a broader smart city vision. Digital transformation - the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society - is also part of this vision. Cities are increasingly combining the power of data technology and the power of people, creating numerous opportunities, but also posing new challenges as citizens and public authorities are increasingly concerned by privacy, security and accountability issues. Our European projects in this area include Living-in.EU, DS4SSCC, USER-CHI, COLLECTORS, ULaaDs, SHOW and ROCK. Read more on our positions on:


Gabriela Ruseva Project Coordinator
Lucía Garrido Eurocities Writer
Viviana Demonte Project Officer
Lea Lebon Digital Trainee
Mario Restuccia Forum & Project Officer
Chiara Venturini Head of Digital Transformation


  • Living-in.EU charts the ‘European way’ for the digital transformation of cities and communities through multi-level collaboration between all levels of government, to ensure technological leadership while respecting European values and diversity, as well as individuals’ digital rights.

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  • CitiObs' co-creation process facilitates inclusive local actions for sustainability, ensuring that Citizen Observatories data contributes significantly to research and policy development in alignment with the objectives of the European Green Deal.

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  • SCALE-UP will  bring together three advanced urban nodes – Antwerp, Madrid, and Turku –  around one main goal: developing data-driven and user-centric strategies to accelerate the take-up of smart, clean, and inclusive mobility, by means of well-connected and multi-usage urban...

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  • Cities and regions shaping the built environment for everyone

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    Living Spaces: Cities and regions shaping the built environment for everyone