Collaboration Space

The Collaboration Space enables direct interaction between all members and partners and thus takes our network to another level. It hosts all our forums, working groups, projects, task forces and other initiatives.

NOTE: The Eurocities collaboration space access is restricted to members of our network. You will be prompted to enter a login and a password to enter. If you don’t have an account and you work for one of our member cities, please contact us or your city contact officer to get an account.


Collaboration space key features

  • Home page
    The first thing you will see on entering the platform – information central for the latest news, events and updates across the network. Navigate from here to your spaces for forums, working groups, projects and more. Each space also has its own home page with the latest content.
  • News – create a ‘News post’ to share what’s happening in your city
    You want to share activities that reflect the work you are doing in transforming your cities? Each space has a news section where you can, by clicking on the add ‘News post’ menu, easily create articles with pictures, attachments, links, etc. Within the Funding section, you can easily use this to create a partner search.
  • Collaboration – upload, edit and co-author documents
    Got a document you want to share and work on with colleagues? Just drag & drop files in the ‘Collaboration’ library. Other participants will be able to read it, download it and/or edit the document online. You can also use the ‘New’ button to create a document.
  • Meetings – see or organise your next meeting?
    Every collaboration space has a meetings calendar. Create a meeting by pressing the ‘Add event’ button. The meeting will be automatically visible in the space homepage and from your general homepage.
  • Discussion board – exchange and connect
    Discussion boards can be added to any collaboration space. If your space has one, you can create new topics to share ideas or you can reply to existing discussions.
  • Get involved – comment and like existing news posts and pages
    Just like on social media – you can now share what you think about an article. Post your comment below the news article and let people know what you think.