Economic development

It is vital to promote cities as strategic partners at EU level, and to make them a place that everyone can enjoy a good quality of life and a sustainable future. This can be achieved through exchange on economic development policies in relation to urban development strategies, local economic policies, local innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship and  international economic relations. We are shifting our focus on financing tools and frameworks for a “green and just” transition while working on skill development and talent attraction strategies. Facing today’s multiple intersecting challenges posed by the aforementioned transition, cities need to focus on innovation and experimentation while maintaining a strong position ahead of the EU Elections.


Chiara Venturini Head of Digital Transformation
Eleonora Orso Policy Officer - Economic Development


  • By working together, cities and other public buyers can maximise their market power and impact, promoting the creation of new solutions more targeted to their needs.

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    Big Buyers for Climate and Environment

  • Want to get to grips with innovative financing for energy efficiency? Would you like to be coached directly on financial tools and structures that get the best out of limited budgets to improve local sustainability, and how to implement them...

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