Focus Area

Green areas and biodiversity

Cities have a leading role in reaching the EU and global biodiversity goals from integrating biodiversity into urban planning, to assessing and reporting on the status of biodiversity on the ground, to raising awareness of the vital role nature plays in our daily lives. Many cities are already going above and beyond in their efforts to create green and sustainable places for people to live, but all levels of government need to work together. The recent coronavirus pandemic has put renewed focus on how we use public space, with many more people wanting to be outdoors, while enjoying city offerings in clean and green surroundings. When cities introduce greater greenery and biodiversity, such as ‘blue-green infrastructure’ (e.g. water features and plants), it not only helps to improve people’s quality of life and enjoyment of cities, but also makes urban areas more resilient to climate change.


Heather Brooks Policy & Project Officer (Noise, Green Areas & Biodiversity)