Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge is as the core of what we do as a network.

With thousands of experts across our more than 200 cities, more than 30 years of projects, meetings and analysis, and our staff of 100 specialists, knowledge is not something that we’re short on. However, that strength is also a challenge – how can we combine and harness our distributed knowledge to strengthen urban policy across the continent, and further our goals and create more sustainable, prosperous and liveable cities for everyone?

On this page you can find the helpful resources that Eurocities has developed to aid the work of cities – anything from interactive tools that help your city plan the layout and design of its electric vehicle charging infrastructure to guides on working with migrants to enhance integration in local communities. Eurocities creates these tools, often through EU-funded projects, in concert with cities at the cutting-edge of their fields, as well as other expert partners, to meet the needs that local leaders and technical staff have expressed within our city forums.

As local efforts will be the deciding factor on whether European and national targets are met, from climate to culture, knowing the current state of affairs on the ground, as well as the challenges and ambitions of local leaders, is vital for understanding Europe’s present and future. To this end, Eurocities Pulse presents the results of our member surveys – whether you’re curious about how maximum noise levels compare across cities, or how innovation is spurred on at local level, the Eurocities Pulse makes a cornucopia of local data freely available.

Our special annual edition, the Eurocities Pulse Mayors’ Survey, goes direct to local leaders to discover their key concerns, efforts and approaches to shaping the future of Europe from the ground up. This is published every year along with the Eurocities Monitor, which combines the year’s survey results with expert analysis, guest essays, and cities’ best practices to present the ultimate resource for European and national policy makers and urban enthusiasts.

If you want to see the best of the best among local European practices, then the Eurocities Awards is for you. These awards, judged by an external expert panel, recognise great ideas from our cities. Whether it’s empowering community volunteers or boosting green entrepreneurship, the Eurocities Awards gives you easy insight into ingenious local initiatives that take a fresh approach to shared challenges.

In order to enrich the world with local knowledge, just amassing it isn’t enough. We need to be able to share it too. Over decades of connecting cities to exchange knowledge and strengthen local policy with peer-to-peer support, Eurocities has developed a suite of methods for sharing local knowledge that we are making publicly available here for the first time.

Whether it’s a once-off webinar or a years-long community of practice, our Knowledge Sharing Methods site explains the how-to, outcomes and pitfalls involved in each of the methods that we have tried and tested over the years. For our members, there are some extra resources like contacts, templates and examples that can make your knowledge-sharing journey even more seamless and rewarding.

These tools can never replace the in-person learning and networking that Eurocities is famous for. However, we hope they will serve to allow the knowledge generated by these in-person experiences to ripple out for those to whom the privilege of direct involvement has not been available. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we are confident that you will find it here, and in a format that’s accessible, engaging and illuminating. Buckle your seatbelt, and let’s dive in.

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