Eurocities aims to position the role of European cities in food system transformation showing how they are already leaders in this field. By adopting innovative urban food policies and transforming their food-related public services, cities are developing the food systems of tomorrow. Eurocities offers opportunities for knowledge sharing and advocates the need for a common EU food policy and provision of support for the establishment of local food policies. Eurocities’ members most recent work includes:


Madeleine Coste Head of Food
Lucie Jeandrain Project Officer • Food Trails
Chiara Roticiani Project Officer - Food
Wilma Dragonetti Eurocities Writer


  • Putting cities at the heart of food system transformation.

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  • CLEVERFOOD brings together a variety of actors, from youngsters to farmers, investors, researchers, and government officials, to collaborate for fairer, healthier, and more sustainable food practices.

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