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  • News 13 June 2024

    Women Leaders Mentorship – Eurocities Academy

    The Women City Leaders Mentorship Programme, delivered by the Eurocities Academy, is an initiative designed to empower the next generation of female leaders in city governments across Europe.

    2 minute read
  • News 12 June 2024

    Local leaders demand the power to make city streets safer

    There’s an invisible power struggle happening on city streets across Europe. While local leaders are working to implement traffic-calming measures to make roads safer, address noise and air pollution, and promote active mobility, their efforts are increasingly being hampered by legislation at the national level.  

    5 minute read
  • Press release 11 June 2024

    Cities and regions demand national action on nature

    In an urgent appeal to heads of state and environment ministers, a coalition of cities, regions, environmental authorities, and partners of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Greening Cities has called for the immediate adoption of the EU Nature Restoration Law. The signatories of this open letter express their grave concern over the ongoing delay in enacting this legislation, warning of serious consequences for nature.

    2 minute read
  • News 11 June 2024

    SUN4Ukraine kicks off journey towards Ukrainian climate-neutral cities

    The new SUN4Ukraine project, coordinated by Eurocities, will provide Ukrainian cities with the expertise and collaboration they need to integrate climate neutrality goals into their reconstruction plans.

    3 minute read
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