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  • Spotlight 25 January 2021

    Cities: “Talk with us!”

    Cities have so far not been sufficiently involved in the national recovery plans to respond to the corona crisis, as a survey of Eurocities shows. President Dario Nardella urges national governments to act quickly to ensure that EU funds arrive where they are needed most: in cities.

    3 minutes read
  • Spotlight 21 January 2021

    Timely European Parliament initiative on housing for all

    A report passed in the European Parliament on Thursday on ‘Access to Decent and Affordable Housing for All’ offers hope to ensure that housing is decent, affordable, and accessible for all.

    4 minutes read
  • Spotlight Publications 20 January 2021

    Fighting child poverty in European cities

    Even before the pandemic, child poverty levels were already high in cities – often much higher than national averages, which is why many cities have already been finding innovative ways to combat it, as outlined in two new publications by Eurocities.

    4 minutes read
  • News 18 January 2021

    Waste not, want not: Why Prague is cleaning up waste

    The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly changed traditional waste generation patterns in our cities, but it is just one example of how city services must respond to our behavioural changes over time.

    2 minutes read
  • Spotlight 14 January 2021

    Tallinn sets its sights on 2035

    By 2035, Tallinn will be a greener, more citizen-friendly city. People will move around mostly without the aid of a car, the public space will encourage people to spend more time outdoors, and everything you need on a daily basis will be within 15 minutes of your home. This is the ambition of the city’s 2035 development strategy.

    4 minutes read
  • News Press release 13 January 2021 – digital solutions for a better life

    Technology can help to improve the quality of life, with smart urban mobility, energy efficiency and digital public services. Now cities and regions can work together on those solutions via a new platform.

    3 minutes read
  • News 11 January 2021

    City challenge: one million dollars for innovative ideas post COVID-19

    Bloomberg Philanthropies has launched an innovation competition for cities, looking for the most ambitious ideas developed in response to COVID-19. Eurocities is a partner of the Mayors Challenge 2021.

    1 minute read
  • News 1 January 2021

    “Brexit or not – we’re still in”

    On day one of Brexit, British cities commit to European cooperation. “Our country might have left the European Union – but we are certainly not leaving Europe,” mayors from the network Eurocities state in a joint message.

    1 minute read
  • News 1 January 2021

    Edinburgh lights up the skies for the new year

    A swarm of drones has welcomed the new year in Edinburgh, sending signs and messages of hope in the air.

    1 minute read
  • News 21 December 2020

    Fight racism wherever you find it

    This year we have seen the stark inequalities the pandemic has highlighted and witnessed the huge Black Lives Matter movement globally. In Europe, cities are working to address racism, including in Glasgow and Lisbon.

    2 minutes read
  • News 18 December 2020

    In Cagliari nature comes first

    The Metropolitan City of Cagliari has recently joined Eurocities. We have talked to mayor Paolo Truzzu to discuss about their commitment to environment and sustainable mobility.

    11 minutes read
  • News 18 December 2020

    First three cities sign the Green City Accord

    Turku, Penafiel and Torres Vedras are the first cities to join the Green City Accord, a commitment to take environmental action.

    3 minutes read
  • Publications 17 December 2020

    Podcast – Covid and culture

    Covid crushed the culture sector, but it also showed us how essential culture is in our lives. Our latest podcast presents the cases of Bologna and Lisbon.

    2 minutes read
  • News 17 December 2020

    What role for cities in social Europe plans?

    As cities have been on the front lines of managing the social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, they will also be crucial for ensuring that no one is left behind in the recovery efforts in the coming months, and even years.

    2 minutes read

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