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  • News 13 April 2021

    Need, not want: User-centric services

    Designing online public services that work for people is at the heart of a new project that Eurocities is involved in, based on the principles of the ‘Tallinn Declaration’.

    4 minutes read
  • News 12 April 2021

    Covid-19, an urban disease?

    Cities have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic. Recent research has investigated the reasons, and what cities can learn from them.

    5 minutes read
  • Spotlight 9 April 2021

    Europe, all in one

    Eight European cities are working towards a common vision: give Europeans one card, or app, to access services in all European cities.

    8 minutes read
  • Spotlight 8 April 2021

    The best of both worlds

    From robot-cats to walking trashcans, The Hague is trying out digital solutions – and sometimes finds out that the old way works better.

    9 minutes read
  • Spotlight 7 April 2021

    Move fast and implement things

    New mobility solutions don’t require reinventing the wheel. Just ask the ambassador cities of the new project FastTrack who are looking to help others implement their sustainable mobility best-practices.

    6 minutes read
  • News 1 April 2021

    “Welcome to the chaos”

    Neighbours, commuters, tourists – Stockholm’s biggest construction site is a hassle for many. The city’s recipe for dealing with it: humour.

    3 minutes read
  • News 1 April 2021

    Eurocities in talks to found new city

    In the first example of its kind, Eurocities has been entrusted with the planning and development of a brand-new city for the European Union.

    2 minutes read
  • Events 14 April 2021

    What future for cities after Covid-19?

    How has Covid-19 shaped the future of cities? Join us as we discuss some of the implications for local policy makers.

    1 minute read
  • Events 6 May 2021

    Cities Social Summit

    Join us for our first ever cities social summit on 6 May. We will reflect on what cities have done so far to promote social rights for all people, what challenges remain and what more cities can do to contribute to the EU 2030 targets for employment, skills and poverty reduction.

    2 minutes read
  • Publications 30 March 2021

    How can cities ensure resilient labour markets?

    The Covid-19 outbreak altered the patterns of the world of work and had a strong social economic impact at local level. Cities have designed emergency responses to support job retention, as well as long term measures for an inclusive and fast recovery.

    2 minutes read
  • News 29 March 2021

    Ctrl+alt+delete borders

    Though national governments stay clear of multi-country projects in the National Recovery Plans, cities know that Pan-European projects are our best bet to tackle common challenges.

    5 minutes read
  • News 26 March 2021

    Digital is here, but are we ready?

    The digital divide has only been exacerbated by the increase in digital activity during the health crisis. What can cities do to tackle the issue?

    5 minutes read
  • Spotlight 25 March 2021

    Enhancing the power of place

    Decisions affecting the lives of people should be made where those people live – Robin Hambleton, emeritus professor of city leadership, calls for a political system where city governments have a greater say.

    5 minutes read
  • Spotlight 25 March 2021

    No child should be left behind, an EU Guarantee?

    The EU child guarantee focusses on targeted support to children in need, to give them better access to key services. But does it make sense for cities?

    5 minutes read

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