"A big family that welcomes you, supports you and grows with you"

Dario Nardella Mayor of Florence, (former) President of Eurocities "Eurocities represents the voice of more than 200 cities in 38 countries and over 130 million inhabitants and it is like a big family that welcomes you, supports you and grows with you. Cities and local communities are ready to take concrete action to implement a just and sustainable recovery for citizens and give a real change to European policies and ambitions. From hospitalization and resilience to environmental policies, from innovation to digital transition, Eurocities is ready to make our voices heard."


"A political opportunity"

Ada Colau
Mayor of Barcelona

“Being part of Eurocities offers Barcelona the possibility of being permanently connected with other European cities and learning from their experiences as they face the same challenges we do. It is also a political opportunity to help strengthen our role before the EU institutions, offering us a united voice representing more than 130 million citizens throughout Europe.”

"The biggest and most important network of cities in Europe"

Ricardo Rio
Mayor of Braga

“Eurocities is the biggest and most important network of cities in Europe, gathering cities from within and outside the European Union. Sharing our good practices and discussing the problems of our citizens to solve them is the main goal of being part of Eurocities. Together we are stronger!”

"An indispensable platform"

Martin Rohmer
Culture Officer, Munich

“Eurocities is an indispensable platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge.”

"I would never have developed such a strong local strategy"

Stephan Hoffmann
Department of Culture and Tourism, Dresden

“Without Eurocities, I would never have developed such a strong local strategy for culture and young people.”

"We receive early warning of funding and project opportunities"

Anne Campbell Former Senior European and International Policy Officer, Edinburgh “Thanks to the close ties between Eurocities and the European Commission’s desk officers, we receive early warning of funding and project opportunities relevant to our city’s needs, enabling us to start bid discussions well in advance of official funding calls.”

"Eurocities acts as a mirror"

Jaakko Laurila
Development Manager, Tampere

“Eurocities acts as a mirror for Tampere: you see what others do and you also see yourself through the lens of others.”

5 reasons to become a member…

1. A strong network

Over 6,000 city politicians, officials and experts across more than 200 cities exchange, learn, and are inspired by the contacts they sustain through the Eurocities network. That means you’ll meet and collaborate with colleagues across the continent working on the same issues, with the same enthusiasm as you. A network like this behind you gives your city a strong voice and the power to achieve anything.

2. International expertise

Why start from scratch when you can leap straight to the top? With access to the expertise and experiences of your fellow cities, you can get the latest insights on everything from cutting-edge technology to engaging local people in decision making.

Through our forums, working groups and European projects you’ll have the opportunity to meet regularly with cities at the forefront of every urban domain and get key insights for your local context. The benefits of this are direct, quick and substantial.

3. A voice in Europe

When you join Eurocities, your city becomes a stronger actor on the European stage. As a result of our advocacy work, many EU policies and programmes have a stronger urban dimension that considers the reality in cities – not only those concerning regional development but also policies on, for example, transport, energy, innovation, culture and social affairs.

We represent the urban voice in EU high-level and expert groups on issues like cultural heritage, food policy, mobility and better regulation, alongside member states and other stakeholder organisations. Through our projects, we also directly author many European guidance documents. As part of our network, you’ll cement your place on the European stage and help determine our messages to the EU.

4. Funding and finance

Do you need access to more funds? We’ll keep you up to date with clear and accessible information on funding available to cities through our regular funding forecast and funding briefs. Through European projects, our members also tap into often quite significant sums of money to help them deliver their priorities in a particular field, such as climate, mobility, social inclusion or ICT.

As part of Eurocities, you’ll have project partners ready to hand, as well as early insider intelligence from our close contacts with the European Commission concerning forthcoming EU programmes and calls of interest to cities. Our members also collaborate to develop innovative finance mechanisms for funding local initiatives – and that’s on top of what you save from enhanced efficiency.

5. Year-round support

Our team of nearly 70 staff are on hand to assist you year-round. Our Brussels office boasts urban experts with years of experience in projects, communication and public policy. We’ll get to know your city, offer advice and support, reach out to you with tailored opportunities and assist you with any request or information.

This diverse team is comprised of people with experience working in local administrations all over Europe, as well as in the European Commission, academia, NGOs and private enterprise. And all of us have one thing in common: we live and breathe cities.