Eurocities is the largest network of European cities. We count over 200 large cities among our membership, representing more than 150 million people across 38 countries, from within and outside the European Union.

With three out of four people in Europe living in an urban environment, today’s challenges have a particularly strong impact on cities – at the same time, cities are uniquely placed to tackle these issues.

Our mission is to build places where people can enjoy a good quality of life in a healthy, green environment. Where low-carbon and smart solutions make for cleaner air and better public services. And where people can move around sustainably, feel connected to their community and all newcomers are welcomed.

Eurocities is where local governments meet, exchange ideas and work together to bring positive change. Day in, day out, our member cities address global issues at the local level, from climate change to integration to the digital transition, among many others.

Our work is as diverse as the municipalities that make up the Eurocities universe. Our actions cut across a broad range of themes and foster change through advocacy and projects, while our membership offers extensive networking opportunities, activities, events, training and campaigns.

Eurocities is a dynamic and international team where we trust in people, value constructive exchanges and collaborative work. Join our team

What we do

By focusing on all the critical characteristics of liveable, sustainable and inclusive cities, we make it possible for our cities to concentrate on the aspects that matter most to them. For cities working on complex multi-themed challenges or towards global sustainability and environmental targets, our comprehensive, cross-cutting way of working enables them to take a powerful holistic approach.

Advocacy work

We create strong links between the EU and cities.

We are committed to helping shape the EU agenda, to bringing mayors’ voices to Brussels and ensuring that municipalities have a seat at the table when decisions are made at European level.

Every day, our local governments turn EU ambitions into reality, implementing EU policies that all local inhabitants can benefit from. At the same time, local governments can provide inspiration to the European institutions because they’re often unafraid to come up with ambitious, bold policies thanks to their on-the-ground insights.

Our advocacy efforts reflect positions agreed through member cities via thematic forums and 40 working groups on everything from noise pollution to gender equality and sustainable mobility.


Our work unfolds across nine thematic areas: governance, climate and environment, digital transformation, culture, food, mobility, migration, social affairs, and economic development.

We currently participate in 29 mostly EU-funded projects. Through these, we gain funding and expertise to help our cities improve local quality of life by innovating and sharing knowledge with each other.

Our projects also help our member cities to translate EU policies on the ground, generate innovative ideas and further inspire EU decisions.

Unity is our strength: the Eurocities membership

Tackling complex urban problems at the pace and scale Europe needs requires cooperation among local governments, inhabitants, experts and between all levels of government. Eurocities exists to make this happen.

We have a long and successful track record in doing this: Eurocities was established in 1986 and since then it has grown to represent one quarter of Europe’s population, encompassing 6,000 politicians, experts and officials.

Our member cities have access to exceptional opportunities. They can take inspiration from one another, get insider knowledge about EU programmes and funding, and be part of discussions and activities around the big issues of the day. The Eurocities membership also provides them with a platform to share knowledge and ideas, explore common challenges and develop innovative solutions.

The future of Europe will be decided in cities. At Eurocities, we decide it together to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of all our communities.

Areas of work