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You greet your neighbour as you leave home on your way to do work that is meaningful and decently paid. The air is clean and free of honking car horns. Using the free public wifi, you see that today the public square is a local artisans’ and farmers’ market. Your phone polls you on a few quick ideas that the local administration wants to try. You truly feel like you are a part of the city, and, as such, a part of Europe.

This is the future that European cities have been working through Eurocities to build since 1986. We help cities inspire each other. When a crisis hits, the urgency of local coordination and information sharing is starkly obvious – but with longer-burning issues like climate change, social equality and a vibrant economy this ‘glocal’ approach is no less essential.

The future won’t build itself. Here is the team that works with cities to make Eurocities happen.

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We work on European projects to bring cities together and let the best ideas and insights shine through.

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Eurocities is the network of 190 cities in 39 countries, representing 130 million people. Through joint work, knowledge-sharing and coordinated Europe-wide activity, we ensure that cities and their people are heard in Europe  Learn about our strategic framework

That’s why we work with over 145 of Europe’s largest cities and 45 partner cities to improve the lives of over 130 million residents across 39 countries. That’s the ‘cities’ part of ‘Eurocities’. Hundreds of cities have already committed to getting carbon emissions down to zero, welcoming migrants and refugees, and governing through dialogue with their residents.

These local governments, which are really there on the ground with the citizens and residents, are essential partners for turning EU policies and ambitions into reality. As such, cities must be included directly in European decision making and should be in direct receipt of European funds. That’s the ‘Euro’ part of ‘Eurocities.’ So Eurocities, Europe plus cities, equals a better future for all.

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