Joint letter on nature restoration

European Commission’s proposed Nature Restoration Law, will set legally binding targets for tree canopy coverage and other aspects of land use to ensure that the environment, local ecosystems, and people’s right to experience nature are all taken into account.

Read their joint letter here.

Eurocities and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) have released a joint letter in response to the current proposal, strongly advocating for changes that will be essential for effective adoption by cities.

While both organisations support the proposed EU Nature Restoration Law, they advocate for flexible, legally-binding targets reflecting Europe’s diverse conditions and not solely increasing the quantity of green spaces, but also improving their quality.

Eurocities and CEMR also question the accuracy of EU satellite data and propose supplementing it with local and national data. Lastly, they emphasise the need for sufficient, accessible funding to support the increased responsibilities of local authorities.


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Heather Brooks Policy & Project Officer (Noise, Green Areas & Biodiversity)
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