How can you save money and energy with an energy performance contract? Does a revolving loan have anything in common with a revolving door? To help cities get to grips with innovative financing for energy efficiency, we’re working in the EU-funded Prospect+ project. This project pairs mentor and mentee cities to spread the word about financial tools and structures that get the best out of limited budgets, reduce the cost of green measures, and enable local governments to exploit and guide the market.

The project works through five topics:

  • Public buildings
  • Private buildings
  • Public lighting
  • Transport
  • Cross sectoral

Prospect+ follows the Prospect project, which saw 149 local and regional authorities and 46 energy agencies and networks learn from their peers to implement sustainable practices and investment plans.

This new project will promote synergies with local plans and facilitate city decision-making processes on implementing energy efficiency measures. Participants will identify new financing schemes to interactively overcome or surpass their challenges in financing the implementation of their energy and climate plans.

The participants will also have an opportunity to join a ‘Community of Practice’ for further exchange of best practices and on the barriers local authorities face in  implementing timely and optimal investments in sustainable energy and low-emission transport.

We expect to welcome over 200 EU cities in at least 20 countries to directly enjoy the benefits of this project, and we’re recruiting mentors and mentees and hosting a bouquet of concise information-focused events and direct training – so sign up at to see what we can achieve together.


Sylwia Slomiak Project Coordinator

Starting date

September 2021

Ending date

February 2025


Adelphi Research Gemeinnutzige Gmbh, Ayuntamiento De Valladolid, Energetska Agencija Za Podravje Zavod Za Trajnostno Rabo Energije Energy Agency of Podravje Institution for Sustainable Energy Use, Energiesparverband Oberosterreich, Energy Cities/energie-cites Association, Federation Europeenne Des Agences Et Des Regions Pour L’energie Et L’environnement, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy Stichting, Sdruzeni Energetickych Manazeru Mest a Obci Zs, Tipperary Energy Agency Limited, University of Piraeus Research Center