Looking for a Europe where electric vehicle charging is widespread, efficient and works for users? Look no further.

Powered by the industry, driven by cities, and always having the user in mind, USER-CHI (Innovative solutions for USER centric CHarging Infrastructure) will develop solutions, business models and regulatory framework conditions to unlock the potential of electromobility in Europe.

The cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Turku, Florence, Murcia will contribute to the project.

The project will test new solutions for charging points and infrastructure. For example, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area will install ultrafast charging points in different municipalities and an inductive charging infrastructure, which allows to recharge without handling heavy cables. The city of Rome will test Vehicle-to-Grid solutions, which means that cars will exchange energy with the grid and become ‘mobile charging stations’, while also providing users with advantageous pricing schemes.

E-mobility infrastructure can have a big impact on a city’s use of public space, Budapest therefore will set up e-mobility stations combining services related to e-mobility and providing other smart services all at once.

The project will also pay attention to energy sourcing. For example, the city of Turku will demonstrate charging boxes for Light Electric Vehicles powered by renewable energy sources, thus combining renewable energy use, charging and safe parking possibilities for e-bikes.

As the name USER-CHI suggests, the user will always be at the centre of the project’s decisions. As an example, Berlin will work on developing an online tool to plan their charging infrastructure using existing data, such as user needs and habits, existing charging infrastructure and technologies available on the market.


Matilde Chinellato Project Coordinator