SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption (SHOW) will test shared, connected and electrified automation in urban transport, to advance sustainable urban mobility.

Involving 20 cities from 13 EU-counties, the project will develop and test different automated vehicles solutions in real life conditions. From autonomous shuttles servicing hospital patients and personnel in Rennes, to robotaxis in Brno helping the city public transport reach out to neglected areas, to Linkoping’s autonomous vehicles catering to schools and residential care facilities, SHOW will bring the highest levels of autonomous vehicles in the streets of European cities.

All vehicles will integrate the existing transport system finding use cases where autonomous vehicles would be an advantageous choice for the city and its inhabitants. Throughout the process, users will have an active role in steering the project’s direction by giving feedback.

The project will also collaborate with well-versed stakeholders in the autonomous vehicles sector from the US, South Korea, Australia, China, and other countries.


Peter Staelens Senior project coordinator