Automated mobility: take our survey on local regulation

6 October 2021

Shared, connected and automated shuttles, minibuses and robotaxis, are the next major trends in the urban mobility landscape, complementing the current public transport infrastructure.

Like other novel mobility services, they promise to bring benefits such as a reduction in car trips. However, on the downside, they also threaten to disrupt local transport systems, challenge existing traffic regulations, and generate unintended societal and environmental changes.

Within the framework of the EU-funded SHOW project – a large-scale pilot initiative about automated transport services across 20 urban areas – Eurocities has set up an online public survey to gather opinions from cities and stakeholders.

The aim is to gain further insight into which regulatory aspects need to be considered locally in order to create a level playing field for transport operators. Additionally, the goal is also to ensure that shared, connected and automated transport services of the future can be deployed in an integrated, safe, inclusive and sustainable manner.

The survey presents a unique opportunity for cities, mobility experts and wider stakeholders to formulate their needs and expectations on automated mobility via this link until 31 October 2021.

Filling out the survey will take approximately 15 minutes in total. Should you also be willing to participate in follow-up interviews, you’ll have the option to include your contact details in the questionnaire.

The survey will provide a basis for further stakeholder consultations and policy recommendations for decision-makers at local, national and European level.

A Eurocities task force will be set up in November 2021 to analyse and discuss the results, and to define a future framework for local regulation of connected, cooperative and automated mobility.



Peter Staelens Senior project coordinator