Healthy and moving cities

Digital and automated mobility

01 January 2027, Rosie and Josten step out of their house ready for work. They sit in the self-driving shared robotaxi they booked a few minutes before with their Mobility as a Service app. While the on-demand car safely drives them to the train station, Rosie is able to read through some work documents while Josten catches up with another regular user. During their ride, a pop-up message sent from the same app tells them they are about to reach their destination and shows them their digital train tickets. Easy scan at the station and they’re ready to board the train. For the last mile, they decide to walk to the office, entering the old highway, now transformed into a long green strip with safe and accessible walking, wheeling, and cycling paths.

This is the city of the future we work towards. A city where technological innovations, such as digitalisation and automation, are at the service of its inhabitants. In it, exciting new technologies are interesting only if they will bring benefits such as a cleaner, safer, integrated and more accessible way of moving for all.

Our European projects in this area include SHOW.

Statement on Transport Automation in Urban Areas