Policy papers

Eurocities advocacy efforts reflect positions agreed through our member cities via the work done in our various thematic forums and working groups.

  • Policy papers News Publications 22 May 2023

    Joint letter on nature restoration

    Eurocities and the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) have issued a joint statement in response to the European Commission's proposed EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL).

    1 minute read
  • Policy papers News 3 May 2023

    Unpacking the Packaging Waste Regulation

    The European Commission is proposing some major changes to the way we handle packaging waste.

    3 minute read
  • Policy papers News 2 May 2023

    Cities welcome Nature Restoration Law

    Despite push-back from some member states, cities welcome the new Nature Restoration Law, and its legally binding targets for local ecosystems. However, some concerns remain.

    3 minute read
  • Policy papers News 26 April 2023

    New Urban Waste Water Directive

    Three out of five wastewater operators are public companies owned by public authorities. The new Urban Waste Water Directive needs their input to achieve its ambitions.

    4 minute read
  • Policy papers Spotlight 31 March 2023

    Mental health is under the local spotlight

    What can cities do to address mental health issues? A lot. From Helsinki to Cluj-Napoca to Milan, municipalities are taking decisive action to support the wellbeing of urban communities..

    5 minute read
  • Policy papers News Publications 14 March 2023

    Could new EU targets melt into air?

    How would you rate air quality legislation that will have difficulty improving overall air quality, will not be acted upon in time, and is contradicted by other regulations? If we don’t close loopholes now, this could be what the EU’s revised Ambient Air Quality Directive leaves us with.

    5 minute read
  • Policy papers 8 March 2023

    Eurocities statement on women’s rights and gender equality

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2023, mayors from the Eurocities network reconfirm their commitment to secure women’s rights and achieve true gender equality.

    1 minute read
  • Policy papers 12 October 2022

    Cities must invest in our future

    To fight climate change and make Europe digitally and socially resilient over the coming decades, cities need to make long-term investments. However, current EU regulations are blocking this, a new Eurocities policy paper explains.

    5 minute read

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