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  • News 13 July 2021

    Full stop: fossil-fuelled mobility in cities

    The transport sector needs to cut its emissions drastically to meet Europe's climate ambitions. A new position paper from Eurocities set out top recommendations for how to get there.

    3 minute read
  • News 2 July 2021

    Stronger urban policy in the EU and China

    The Chinese word ‘市‘, ‘shì’, translates only loosely into English as ‘city’, but despite differences, European and Chinese cities face many of the same policy-making challenges. Here are the tools to meet those challenges.

    7 minute read
  • News 17 June 2021

    Circular textiles: making fashion more sustainable

    A new position paper by Eurocities calls for greater emphasis on circular textiles, to ensure sustainable design for repair, reuse and recycling.

    3 minute read
  • Publications 14 June 2021

    Volunteering for integration across Europe

    Now with one click, you can explore how cities and volunteers are working together for migrant integration across Europe.

    1 minute read
  • Publications 2 June 2021

    Future-proofing urban waste water

    Eurocities shares recommendations on the management of urban waste water, especially in the context of new challenges stemming from climate change and new contaminants entering the water system.

    3 minute read
  • Publications 30 March 2021

    How can cities ensure resilient labour markets?

    The Covid-19 outbreak altered the patterns of the world of work and had a strong social economic impact at local level. Cities have designed emergency responses to support job retention, as well as long term measures for an inclusive and fast recovery.

    2 minute read
  • News 19 February 2021

    The city of tomorrow

    Welcome to ‘Eurocity’, a place made of the best actions of real cities all over Europe. The animated online report ‘Reinventing cities’ shows how cities work for a better future.

    1 minute read
  • Publications 5 February 2021

    A new decade of making cities disability-inclusive

    A new Eurocities report, the fifth in a series, designed to collect evidence from cities concerning the implementation of the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights, assesses the inclusion of people with disabilities.

    3 minute read
  • Spotlight 20 January 2021

    Fighting child poverty in European cities

    Even before the pandemic, child poverty levels were already high in cities – often much higher than national averages, which is why many cities have already been finding innovative ways to combat it, as outlined in two new publications by Eurocities.

    4 minute read
  • Publications 17 December 2020

    Podcast – Covid and culture

    Covid crushed the culture sector, but it also showed us how essential culture is in our lives. Our latest podcast presents the cases of Bologna and Lisbon.

    2 minute read

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