Healthy and moving cities

Food systems 

In the concrete jungle of an urban hub, food links a city and its citizens to the surrounding rural areas.

A broad approach to food systems is needed encompassing all aspects of food production, storage, distribution and consumption. Inspired by initiatives like the Milan Urban Food Pact (MUFPP), cities across Europe are working on more sustainable food systems, granting healthy and accessible food to all, protecting biodiversity and fighting against food waste.

Cities are paying more attention to the farm-to-fork process and the possibilities to make it more visible and to shorten food’s journey from the ground to a person’s plate, connecting rural and urban realities. By working on food systems, cities are also working on economic development and integrated sustainable urban regeneration, sustainable resource use and support to farmers and local businesses.

Equally crucial is food security. Cities are leading initiatives to ensure everyone has access to decent, nutritious and safe food, and that no one will go hungry.

Our European projects in this area include Food Trails and CLEVERFOOD.


Wilma Dragonetti Eurocities Writer
Anja Katalin De Cunto Head of Food
Alice Jan Dahan Project support officer
Chiara Roticiani Project Officer - Food