Nacka is a rapidly growing municipality with a fantastic location close to both the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and to the unique nature of the surrounding archipelago.

With 100 km of coastline and 50% of the municipality’s area consisting of green spaces, each resident has to walk a maximum of 600 meters to find the nearest protected natural area. Clean water, fresh air, rich flora and fauna, and a well-built environment are all central to Nacka residents’ quality of life.

The attractive green and blue spaces and the mixed residential environments make Nacka a welcoming, popular and innovative place to live, visit, and work. It is the third-largest municipality in the Stockholm region, with roughly 106,000 inhabitants, most of whom are families with young children. The schools in Nacka are highly ranked, the businesses climate-friendly, and the companies among the most profitable in Sweden.

As Stockholm is one of the fastest growing regions in Sweden, it’s important for Nacka to be able to meet the growing demand. Thousands of new homes and workplaces will be completed in the coming years. When the metro connecting Stockholm and Nacka is completed later into the 2020s, it will take only a few minutes to get to the city or other parts of the Stockholm area. Nacka will then be an even stronger part of Stockholm’s city centre.

Nacka is an innovative municipality with a strong focus on its people and their freedom. For instance, Nacka was the first municipality in Sweden to establish a customer choice system which enables the residents to choose the providers of the services themselves. Today, people can choose from 24 different services offered by 450 organisers. These include education, care for the elderly and cultural activities for children and young people.

The city’s vision of ‘Openness and Diversity’ has become the motto of the municipality and is forming a solid foundation for the municipal day-to-day work as well as for the long-term development of Nacka.

Mats Gerdau Mayor
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