Kungsbacka is located on the Swedish west coast just south of Gothenburg. Old wooden houses characterise the city centre and offer a picturesque and charming atmosphere with cafes, restaurants and shops. The Kungsbacka River meanders through the city and into the Kungsbacka Fjord. Here, you will find Tjolöholm castle, Sweden’s leading Arts and Crafts property. In the city centre, new districts are emerging -one of them is the new sport centre. We are making room for the athletes and elite investments of the future.

Kungsbacka is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Sweden with more than 1,000 new residents each year. There are many reasons why Kungsbacka is an attractive place to live. Being able to enjoy the miles of coastline, fields and forests while having easy access to the big city is one. The high quality of public services such as childcare, schools and public transport is another. This may be the reason why Super Mario chose to move to Kungsbacka – The Nordic countries’ distribution headquarters for Nintendo products is based in the city – but nobody knows for certain. From his outlook on top of a warp pipe he has been keeping an eye on the comings and goings on the motorway since the 1990s.

Kungsbacka is a city of entrepreneurs. All together there are about 10,000 companies, and many of our entrepreneurs live in the municipality. Many associate Kungsbacka with retail, and one of the main attractions is Hede Fashion Outlet that draws visitors from near and far away. There are also many entrepreneurs working in high-tech industries with their sights set on innovation and smart solutions. Did you know that Kungsbacka is home to one of the first organic beauty brands in Sweden? When the business was set up 25 years ago, it was a real forerunner in its field. Kungsbacka is also home to some interesting startups. One of them is currently working on creating high-tech electric motorcycles, making the riding experience both thrilling and sustainable.

All in all, Kungbacka is a municipality with high ambitions, working hard on being the best place to live in, work at or visit.

Lisa Andersson Mayor
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