Uppsala is the most innovative city in Europe. It’s a place where the past and the present, the city and nature, live, work and play are side-by-side.

Uppsala never sits still. With its world-famous reputation in life science, tech, advanced production and environmental innovation integrated with the Stockholm region’s start-up scene, Uppsala is a city synonymous with growth. Growth that drives opportunities, fuels breakthroughs and attracts the most ambitious, forward-thinking talent in the world.

Being one of Sweden’s four largest municipalities means the city’s urban planning has to be smart and sustainable. Today, Uppsala counts more than 230,000 inhabitants. By 2050 they will increase to 350,000.

Home to two world-class universities, the city is a true innovation ecosystem. With over 40,000 students, significant breakthroughs are made every day in e-health, space research, food supply and highly-specialized human and animal healthcare. Tight links between the universities and public and private sectors fuel the city’s success stories. Furthermore, the Uppsala Innovation Centre ranks amongst the world’s very best business incubators, supporting entrepreneurs developing the products and services that shape our tomorrow.

Businesses find a consistent, supportive and efficient environment to help their plans to prosper. Skype, Valueguard, Klarna and Daniel Wellington… They all started in Uppsala. Entrepreneurs with a climate change agenda are welcome to join the Uppsala Climate Protocol. Here, private and public sector businesses collaborate with the universities to foster climate-driven business development.

Bike lovers love Uppsala, where it is easier to get around by bike than by car. In fact, the city won the Best Biking City Challenge for four years and have been the number one Swedish city in the World Wide Fund For Nature’s One Planet City Challenge three times.

With its unique blend of history, academia, world-class seminars and exhibitions it is no wonder Uppsala attracts so many visitors. Visitors who, in turn, support one of Sweden’s best bar and restaurant scenes. Beyond the city, visit our beautiful castles and enjoy our national parks.

As they say in Uppsala: Welcome here, welcome home!

Erik Pelling Mayor
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