From left to right: Photo 1 © Fredrik Johansson - Photo 2 © Bojana Lukac - Photo 3 © Werner Nystrand - Photo 4 © Apeloga



Malmo is a place where old meets new: from its proud castle and showpiece squares in the heart of the Old Town to the cosmopolitan promenades of the Western Harbor’s vibrant redeveloped waterfront. Scandinavia’s tallest building twists its way skyward, gazing down over the vast Öresund bridge.

An industrial city that became a university city that became an experience city. A welcoming place where people gather to make ideas into reality. A young city – almost half of its residents are under the age of 35 – where people become part of the action, not just spectators.

It is said that Malmo has more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Sweden. With influences from France, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Syria and Iran and direct access to incredible produce from the fields of Scania and local urban farms, Malmo has perfected farm-to-table and taken Nordic cuisine to new heights. Malmo pioneered vegetarian and vegan food and continues to offer the best options for these.

Visitors should expect the unexpected from Malmo’s cultural life. The city has a long tradition of culture enthusiasts and events. The new concert hall, Malmo Live, offers everything from teddy concerts for kids to the biggest names in symphonic orchestra. The Malmo Opera classical operas and ballets boast scenography and expressions unique to this city.

Around the city there are hundreds of public art works and great examples of architectural innovation. Art can be enjoyed in private galleries or at the contemporary art Malmo Konsthall. The Malmo Art Museum exhibits older artworks, and the Form Design Centre at Lilla Torg showcases leading modern Scandinavian design. Fans of vintage and second-hand fashion, design and craft have many stores to dive into.

Everything’s within reach in Sweden’s smallest big city. The main attractions are just 20 minutes away by bicycle, and peddle power takes you easily from the suburb of Rosengård to the beach, from the city centre to the countryside. For a scenic arrival in Malmo, visitors can take the train from Copenhagen Airport crossing the mighty Öresund bridge which separates Sweden and Denmark.

Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh Mayor
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Turning Torso - © Werner Nystrand
Kungsparken - © Apelöga
© Fredrik Johansson
Möllevångstorget - © Apelöga
Ribbanfamilj - © Apelöga
Cykel på Ribban - © Werner Nystrand
Västra Hamnen - © Oskar Falck