Solna is a cohesive and vibrant city that grows and develops sustainably for all its inhabitants. The city is a safe and open place that values its people’s potential. The city bases its attractiveness around knowledge, creativity and creating experiences.

Solna is strategically located between central Stockholm and the international Stockholm Arlanda airport. Solna, though an integral part of central Stockholm, works as an independent municipality. Solna has an extensive – and growing – network of sustainable public transport and is easily reachable from other parts of the region.

High in demand, Solna is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing municipalities with six new city districts being currently built. Today’s 83,000 inhabitants are estimated to grow up to 100,000 in 2030. The city is also a popular destination for businesses, partly due to its location and partly due to the business-friendly climate that is Solna’s trademark.

A third of Solna is green open spaces, with a third of the Royal National City Park being part of the city. The unique natural and cultural beauty of the park, including several Royal Palaces, makes it one of Sweden’s most-visited recreation areas. The Crown Princess and her family live at Haga Palace, located in the park. Spoiled for nature, Solna also boasts three nature reserves, several bays and lakes, valued both for biodiversity and recreation.

The Arenastaden district has developed around the National Arena for Football, Friends Arena, and Scandinavia’s largest shopping centre, Mall of Scandinavia. It offers an interesting mix of housing, offices, restaurants, hotels and other services. Together with the nearby Royal National City Park, Arenastaden is a main attraction for visitors with a growing hospitality industry. Many large businesses have also chosen to move their operations here. The Hagastaden district is being built on the boundary between Solna and Stockholm and includes the university hospital New Karolinska Solna and the Karolinska Institutet, one of the world’s foremost medical universities. The district is also developing a centre for tertiary care and world-leading life sciences to improve public health.

Sara Kukka-Salam Mayor
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