Karlstad is a city with the sun in its soul. The city has a bold claim that its people have a happier and sunnier disposition, and as such has adopted a smiling sun as its symbol.

In Karlstad water is never far as various branches of Sweden’s longest river, Klarälven, flow through the city before entering Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern. Thanks to the many bridges, the city is a delight to walk through, with many sightseeing spots within easy reach.

Many visitors come to Karlstad for its culture. Artist Lars Lerin has become a national treasure and his art gallery Sandgrund Lars Lerin attracts visitors from near and far to admire his watercolours. In addition to museums and art exhibitions, the city boasts the Wermland Opera, one of six opera houses in Sweden.

Karlstad is also one of Sweden’s leading cities in sport. The city hosts around 15–20 national championships each year plus various sport events and competitions. There is a broad choice of sport clubs, modern sport halls and more are being created.

And sport isn’t the only growing sector in Karlstad. The city offers a broad range of shops and restaurants with food from all corners of the world, and Karlstad really takes it up a notch in the evening.

Today’s Karlstad specialises in creating experiences, and organising events and meetings. With its strategic location in the middle of the Stockholm-Gothenburg-Oslo triangle, and facilitated by excellent transport, Karlstad is the perfect location for both smaller functions and larger meetings, events and concerts. The hospitable locals and all its ultra-modern facilities make Karlstad an even more appealing place for organising events.

The city’s abundance of green areas is appreciated by everyone who likes walking, cycling or simply enjoying a picnic in the sun. Karlstad has made substantial investments in walking and hiking trails, and in the summer visitors can jump on a water bus and head out along the river or into the beautiful archipelago – with over 20,000 islands and skerries.

In a region that prides itself on its sunny disposition, it is only natural that the environment is a big city priority. Karlstad ranks fifth most environmentally friendly municipality in Sweden. Its goal is to make both Karlstad and the planet even greener and more beautiful.

Per-Samuel Nisser Chairman of city board
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