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Linkoping is a vibrant city that is changing rapidly under the influence of a growing population, a flourishing business sector and the development of new and exciting city districts. Innovation and sustainability reflects the essence of Linkoping.

Linkoping is one of the fastest growing cities in Sweden; with 165,000 inhabitants at present, and estimated to grow to 175,000 by 2025, and 250,000 by 2060.

Businesses in the city are leaders in several high technology areas. The city is registering rapid innovation in sectors such as: aeronautics, vehicle safety, internet of things, mobile communication, AI, streaming media, medical image science, visualisation, and green technology. The business community in Linkoping has developed and diversified from focusing on technology, and investing in growing industries. Linkoping University has world-class education and research. The University is also a driving force for new ideas as the basis for new companies and Linkoping University Hospital is one of the best university hospitals in Sweden.

Linkoping is committed to be carbon neutral by 2025. As a frontrunner in pushing environmental issues, the city was the first in Sweden to announce this ambitious objective which was approved by the City Council back in 2011. Numerous initiatives from the municipality, citizens and the business community drives the city on a sustainable path towards reaching this target.

Linkoping is also a ‘life-friendly’ city. The city has been named the city centre of the year three times, and provides a wide range of cultural, sports and leisure activities. You can work for a world-leading technology company a quarter of an hour’s drive from your house in the countryside. Or you can choose to live comfortably in the city centre, take the bike to a nature reserve and a moment later sit on an outdoor terrace in the middle of the city. Linkoping has the possibilities of a big city and the proximity of a small town.

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