Mayors letter to Europe: More funding for science

17 June 2020

In an open letter to leaders of the EU institutions, political groups and representatives of the member states, six mayors of major European cities call for more funding for science.

“Cities are centres of cutting-edge scientific research and development, innovation, debate and knowledge exchange and draw talent from around the world”, the mayors state.

With this in mind the cities of Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Munich and Stockholm join existing requests of the scientific and academic community throughout Europe for EU investment in science for the coming years to reach at least €120 billion.

The crisis caused by Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of having a strong ecosystem of research that can concentrate efforts and resources in the search for solutions, both for the pandemic and for future challenges

“It is more necessary than ever for European cities to continue thriving as places of science and knowledge” say the mayors.

Specifically, the mayors call for an increase in the budget for the European research and innovation programme for the period 2021-2027, the Horizon Europe programme, to at least €120 billions. An investment aimed at increasing excellence in international research, education and scientific innovation, which has been called for by the university and academic sectors.

At the same time, the request of the cities calls for the continuation of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation funding, Horizon 2020, which ends this December, and the new Horizon Europe programme to be launched in 2021, and thus ensure that current lines of research are not affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Read the full letter here: Mayors letter on science


Alex Godson Media Coordinator


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