Cities for climate

21 April 2021

The Covenant of Mayors Europe has set out a new commitment for its signatories for a fairer, climate neutral Europe. The goal, according to the new action, is a “joint effort to keep global temperature rise below 1.5℃” by the year 2050, when the mayors aspire to “be living in decarbonised and resilient cities with access to affordable, secure and sustainable energy”.

“What can mayors and cities do to combat climate change? Most certainly a lot – but not everything,” said Katharina Luhr, vice mayor of Stockholm, at today’s online signing ceremony.

“Over 70% of EU greenhouse gases are emitted in cities. And as mayors, we have enormous responsibilities for decarbonising our energy, transport and building infrastructure,” she added. It is crucial that cities engage local and national stakeholders in the green transition towards net-zero. This was also the idea behind Stockholm’s local climate pact, launched in 2007.

Also speaking at the launch event, Fernando Medina, mayor of Lisbon, added that “true achievement will be developing our cities within the planetary boundaries, not for the next decade, but for centuries to come.”

Talking about intentions, Rafal Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw, said: “We will be promoting the Covenant, advocating a multi-level governance, calling for direct EU funds, cooperating with other Mayors, Presidents but also with the business sector and universities searching for innovative solutions, exchanging best practices and expanding our network.”

The deputy mayor of Paris, Hermano Sanchez Ruivo, recalled the many local actions taken by the city and the goals to reach zero emissions by 2050 and invited all cities in Europe to join the movement.

Watch the video to find out more about this new chapter of the Covenant of Mayors and join the movement!


Eugenia Mansutti Projects coordinator & Policy Advisor (Covenant of Mayors, Climate and Energy)