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Located in the central part of Italy, Florence is the capital of Tuscany Region, it has approximately 380,000 inhabitants – and up to one million in the metropolitan area- for 102 kmq. The Arno River runs through the city and a series of bridges connects its two banks including the famous Ponte Vecchio. The surrounding hills, a typical Tuscan landscape, provide a harmonious backdrop, adding to its value.

Florence is a city rich in cultural heritage, its historic centre was named a Unesco Site in 1982 and it is known worldwide as a tourist destination; it is a unique social and urban achievement which includes the greatest concentration in the world of museums, churches, buildings and artworks.

Florence is the cradle of the Renaissance. This is not just an evocation of an extraordinary past, but also a paradigm for today’s renewal, for a more open, flourishing and pioneering city, lying on values that are crucial for facing the current challenges.

Its wide cultural offer is both linked to its heritage – museums, theaters, churches, libraries – and constantly revamped: Florence is a ‘Vibe City’, the first in Europe for creativity and cultural liveliness, according to the EU’s Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor 2019.

Moving around the city is easy thanks to sustainable public transport options focusing on electric and soft mobility: an intermodal network based on infrastructure such as trams, bike paths, a parking system, and services like car/bike/scooter sharing, allowing people to move sustainably.

Florence stands out for its use of IT to make residents and visitors’ life easier: the APP IF – Infomobility Florence provides real-time information about public transport, traffic and parking spaces and the APP FeelFlorence enables the discovery of unusual sites of interest, events, fairs, markets and related crowding conditions.

Florence is an inclusive city, which leaves no-one behind, promoting equal accessibility and opportunities.

It is a liveable city with large and sprawling green areas, where parks are natural areas that are enhanced and used as places for socialising and leisure. In addition, there is a great tradition of high-quality craftwork, renowned fashion and design, excellent food and wine, that make the city attractive to invest and live in.

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