The Metropolitan City of Cagliari is located on the southern coast of Sardinia, Italy, includes 17 municipalities and is home to 430,000 inhabitants, about a quarter of the entire population of the island. The area extends over 1,250 km2, where a unique natural environment coexists in balance with its urban spaces.

The whole metropolitan area gravitates around Cagliari, the capital and most populous urban centre of Sardinia with over 150,000 inhabitants. Overlooking the sea, Cagliari recently ranked ninth among Italian cities with the best quality of life, according to a survey by the national business newspaper Sole24Ore.

It is an ancient city with many remarkable historic sites, surrounded by areas of exceptional environmental interest, including Poetto beach, Molentargius Park and Santa Gilla Lagoon. The city hosts a university, a harbour and a nearby airport connected to the main Italian and European cities. The old town is the heart of the city, with outstanding landmarks, stunning views, unforgettable food and a vibrant nightlife.

The Metropolitan City of Cagliari has a Mediterranean climate with mild weather that makes it a perfect place to live and visit all year round.

Historic and archaelogical sites can be found all over the area, including the world famous nuraghi, the domus de janas and the Punic and Roman ruins in the ancient city of Nora.

Sardinia is widely known for its fabulous beaches, and many beautiful ones are located in the metropolitan area: Poetto – a 8 km-long beach right by the cities of Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena – Geremeas, Solanas, Nora and Santa Margherita di Pula, just to mention a few.

Nature lovers will find the perfect place in the Mediterranean forests of Monte Arcosu, a World Wildlife Fund Oasis created to protect the Sardinian deer, Sette Fratelli, Is Cannoneris and Gutturu Mannu. The Molentargius Park and Santa Gilla Lagoon are one of a kind examples of natural environments in a urban space, home to the beautiful pink flamingo and several other wild species.

The Metropolitan City of Cagliari is also home to ancient traditions, most notably the feast of Sant’Efisio that takes place in Cagliari on the first day of May since 1657, a celebration where faith meets Sardinian culture.

Last but not least, food lovers will appreciate the traditional local dishes – such as culurgionis, panadas, roast piglet and burrida – and renowned wines like cannonau, carignano and vermentino.

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