Welcome to Brescia, a city steeped in history and culture, where every cobblestone whispers tales of centuries past. Situated in Northern Italy, Brescia captivates tourists with its rich tapestry of heritage.

With origins dating back to the Bronze Age, Brescia flourished as a Celtic capital. Its strategic position between the Alps and fertile plains made it a bustling centre during Roman rule, embellished by Emperor Vespasianus.

Embark on a journey amidst Brescia’s archaeological wonders, boasting the largest Roman site in Northern Italy. Marvel at the grandeur of the Sanctuary and the awe-inspiring Vittoria Alata at the Capitolium, showcasing a bronze masterpiece.

Delve deeper into Brescia’s history at the Santa Giulia Museum, housed in a monastery dating back to the 8th century. Here, the Longobard legacy, blending Germanic and Roman influences, has earned UNESCO World Heritage recognition.

But Brescia isn’t just a relic of the past; it thrives with innovation, from the Renaissance charm of Piazza della Loggia to its revitalized industrial areas turned creative hubs.

Economically, Brescia stands tall among Italian and European cities, leading in industry, agriculture, exports, and services, boasting high total value added.

Experience the adrenaline of the legendary 1000 Miglia vintage car race, winding through Brescia’s streets each June. Witness the city’s industrial prowess firsthand through avant-garde spaces and artistic installations, a testament to its dynamic spirit.

Escape the tourist throngs and uncover the authentic allure of Brescia, a short distance from Milan. Here, immerse yourself in Italian café culture, mingle with locals, and explore nearby enchanting lakes (Iseo, Idro, and Garda) and the famed Franciacorta region, renowned for its sparkling wine.

For those seeking a hidden gem in the heart of Italy, Brescia beckons with its unique blend of heritage, innovation, and authenticity. Explore, discover, and fall under the timeless spell of Brescia.

Laura Castelletti Mayor
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