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Rome, a thousand-year-old city par excellence as well as a dynamic, contemporary, open, enchanting, and multicultural capital, a place where the ancient and the modern are intertwined in a unique and eternal union.

It is capable of giving the visitor a unique experience made of art, culture, and spirituality but also new contemporary spaces such as the MAXXI the National Museum of 21st Century Arts, the many areas of street art, popular yet authentic atmospheres as you may find in Trastevere and Testaccio districts, and new cultural events as well as sports like Formula E.

The Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the innumerable churches are just the essential places to start from to explore a thousand shade universe. Few capitals in the world combine the charm of timeless spaces and breathtaking views with wonderful green areas in which to experience the perfect integration between art and nature.

Just as few capitals give the opportunity to take a very special break by spending a day at the beach, in the dunes of the Natural Reserve. Rome offers much more, like being conquered by the charm of Haute Couture and shopping in exclusive boutiques, enjoying luxurious panoramic terraces, elegant monumental squares and being seduced by the unique taste of the dishes of its gastronomic tradition. Rome also offers the possibility to organize congress events in unique venues such as ‘La Nuvola’ or to admire the work of the artisans in the many workshops.

A city suitable for families and children, capable of offering unforgettable experiences even to those who conceive their holiday as pure nightlife fun and transgression. Its strategic position, also as a base from which to discover its surroundings, if not all of the Bel Paese, and its being well connected by the two airports, are ideal.

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Trevi Fountain, Rome - © Markus Lange AGF foto
The last light of sunset on the ruins of the Roman Forum, Rome - © Brian Jannsen AGF foto
Historical centre listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, MAXXI, XXI Century Fine Arts Museum - © Serrano Anna AGF foto
The Cloud by Massimiliano Fuksas built in the EUR district. Congress and Conferences Center - © Villa Elio AGF Foto
Palace of the Conservators at Piazza del Campidoglio, Capitoline Hill
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City - © Agefotostock AGF