• Slow down and hit pause

    Slow the pace of life for healthier, more equal and sustainable cities, say time reform supporters. They’re about to meet and present new ideas at Barcelona’s Time Use Week event from 25 to 31 October.

    6 minute read
  • The people’s piazza: sharing the urban commons in Milan

    Italy's second city is taking a bottom-up approach to public places, putting their management in the hands of its people.

    4 minute read
  • Who cares about sharing?

    People prefer car sharing, where you drive a car alone but share it with others, to ride sharing, where you drive together with other people. “You feel obliged to interact with other people. With ride sharing, you feel like you have to give something back. This is social indebtedness, and people generally don’t want that in everyday life.”

    6 minute read
  • Welcoming cities

    Cities are the main destination of migrants and refugees, yet cities are not adequately involved in shaping migration policy.

    5 minute read