Polish cities call for tolerance

16 November 2020

On the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance on November 16, mayors of Polish and foreign cities have issued a special appeal to respect the principles of equality and tolerance towards minorities and discriminated groups. At the initiative of Rafał Trzaskowski, mayor of Warsaw, numerous cities joined in: Birmingham, Bratislava, Budapest, Copenhagen, Duesseldorf, Florence, Ghent, Madrid, Prague, and Reykjavik.

In their appeal, the mayors formulate:

“Today, we, the authorities of Polish cities, would like to show our solidarity with all those who are struggling with exclusion, discrimination and unequal treatment on a daily basis. Those whose voice requires strengthening, but also those who fight for their rights with determination, becoming the target of verbal attacks, but recently also of physical attacks.

“We want to show that every citizen of our local homelands has the same rights and obligations, regardless of their nationality, religion, political views or sexual orientation.”

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