The power of music

25 February 2021

Dario Nardella is worried. “The corona pandemic puts Europe to the test,” Nardella, mayor of the Italian city of Florence, says. “Are we falling back into a national go-it-alone, or do we face the crisis together?”

As president of Eurocities, Nardella is a constant observer of European politics and an active participant in the debates in the Union. And Nardella is also a man of music. Whenever the European concert of the many ends in cacophony and discord, Nardella recalls the power of music.

“Europe is like an orchestra”

“Music is a language everyone understands,” he says. “It goes cross borders and nations and speaks directly to the hearts of people. This is what we need in Europe, especially now.”

Politics can learn a lot from music, Nardella believes. “Music shows us how we can play together.”

In a video recorded for the Eurocities online report ‘Reinventing cities’, Nardella compares Europe with an orchestra: “We have different instruments, different voices and different parts to play. To make it sound in harmony, the most important thing is: to listen to each other.”

You can find the ‘Reinventing cities’ report here