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Throughout history, Bilbao has turned its problems into opportunities. And over the last 30 years, it has reinvented itself, becoming an economic hub and world-renowned example of urban transformation. Despite its success, Bilbao never stands still. It continues to develop projects so it can stay competitive on the global stage. And thanks to its skill for reinvention, Bilbao has been able to evolve into a modern, efficient, friendly and attractive place to live, work and visit.

The Basque Country’s financial capital, Bilbao has a thriving business ecosystem with a solid industrial base. Ranked by the EU as the leading innovation hub in Southern Europe, the Basque Country is the top region for innovation at the state level. This success is largely down to the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network. Bilbao also supports and encourages entrepreneurship, with plenty of opportunities to network and meet with fellow entrepreneurs at a range of events. As a medium-sized city, it has the flexibility to create a rich climate for collaboration, driving numerous strategies and activities that promote local and international talent.

Residents can enjoy the sense of community in its public spaces. There are plenty of green spaces to enjoy all over the city. From urban parks to forested areas in the Bilbao Green Belt. To mitigate growth, Bilbao promotes efficient energy management and renewable energy in buildings and infrastructure. Cultural and natural heritage is preserved through revitalisation programmes.

Bilbao is rich in culture, leisure and the arts. A magnet for tourism, it is home to 12 prestigious museums, including the eponymous Guggenheim Bilbao, which continues attracting an increasing number of visitors year after year. The city has also become a well-known destination for renowned cultural and international sporting events. Internationally recognised for its nouvelle cuisine, Bilbao has a diverse collection of cafes, restaurants and bars – some with Michelin Stars.

Bilbao is a city with a strong personality, which has emerged from difficult times with a great deal of solidarity, with values that have consolidated us as an international reference city, to the extent that Bilbao is considered by locals and foreigners alike as one of the best places to live. The politics of values, solidarity, dignity and human growth are paramount, working every day to be a socially cohesive city.

Juan Mari Aburto Mayor
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