Seville is the capital of Andalusia, the Autonomous Community with the largest population in Spain, the fourth most populous city in the country, and one of the most important capitals of southern Europe.

In the past, Seville was the most important city in the world. When Fernando de Magallanes and Juan Sebastián Elcano left its port to travel around the world almost five centuries ago, for years the city became the entrance and exit point for all trade with America. Today, its characteristic position in between seas and continents remains a trademark: to the west, Portugal and beyond, America; to the north, Europe; to the south, Africa; to the east, the Mediterranean. 25 years ago, Seville celebrated its history with the best contemporary universal exhibition.

Seville wants to keep getting involved in high-impact projects, like the Year of Murillo, between 2017 and 2018, and the fifth centenary of the Magellan expedition, between 2019 and 2022.

Because of its location, the city welcomes 35,931 people coming from all over the world who give Seville a valuable cultural and human diversity that for centuries has made Seville what it is: a lively, cheerful, hospitable city. It is not by chance that some of the most important civilisations in history lived and left their footprint in Seville. Few cities in the world can boast three Heritage of Humanity monuments in such a small space: the Alcazar, the Archive of the Indies and the Cathedral Santa Maria de la Sede. Three examples of an architectural and artistic treasure that have amazed everyone who has visited the city.

It’s not hard to believe then that Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What’s more, thanks to its 218 hotel facilities, Seville shares its beauty with anyone who wants to visit. More than 3.6 million people visited the city last year. And with 97.83% of visitors who are sure to recommend the destination, the figures speak for themselves.

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