Rubi is a city in the metropolitan environment of Barcelona with about 80,000 inhabitants. It is located in a strategic area, crossed by the main communication axes of the territory and very close to the airport of the Catalan capital. Possibly because of this, it is a municipality capable of attracting great social diversity. There are more than a hundred nationalities – but also important economic activity that makes it one of the most industrialised cities in Catalonia and Spain.

Since the first mills of wool and cotton, more than 150 years ago, the economic activity of the city has continued to evolve: today, the city hosts more than 3,000 companies in eleven economic activity estates. A heterogeneous industrial fabric that, far from the greyness of the past, is synonymous with modernity and innovation.

Rubi is looking to a green and sustainable future. Its commitment to environmental policies is evidenced by initiatives such as the Rubí Brilla project, which since 2011 has succeeded in involving all sectors of the city in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies. This idea has garnered attention throughout Spain and Europe, born out of the conviction that great changes are only possible with the participation of the local world.

But surely the great asset of Rubi is its people. People of all ages who, from a broad associative fabric, promote culture, sport, solidarity… and that they have made the city a benchmark in the celebration of participatory acts and of great impact. The cultural wealth of Rubi is indisputable. The municipality has a passionate history, rooted in Iberian and Roman culture; an architectural heritage with interesting samples from medieval times and modernism; and a present of great dynamism where beautiful traditions and new projects converge.

These, and many others, are the colors of Rubí. A city open to Europe and the world.

Rubí Mayor
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