Logroño is the capital of Spanish region of La Rioja. Located in the Ebro valley and along the Camino de Santiago, Logroño has historically been a crossroad and a border, disputed between the ancient kingdoms of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle Ages.

The city is best known for: its culture of wine and gastronomy, the Camino de Santiago, the historic Old Town and its character as the First Commercial City of Spain. Local festivals showcase how the city has learned to combine its roots and traditions with the modernity and dynamism of the current times.

Logroño has a historical relationship with wine. Delimiting the Old Town are underground stone cellars built as early and the 16th century under private houses. Winemaking has played a central role in the development of the city, as can be seen from the existence of many urban wineries.

Another of Logroño’s hallmarks is its gastronomy, as reflected in the distinction received as the First Gastronomic Capital of Spain in 2012. Its offer ranges from spectacular restaurants serving traditional and modern dishes, some of them Michelin-starred, to small bites, tapas and skewers at cosy venues. Laurel street is iconic, hosting over 65 small tapas bars in less than 200m.

The best way to get to know Logroño is to walk through its streets, mingle with its people and discover what makes it a pleasant city for locals and visitors. Historical buildings, which are part of the city’s heritage, have been repurposed for daily use by residents. They are not only objects to be admired for their past, for their architectural value, or for their artistic content, but they breathe activity in the 21st century.

Logroño offers an intense cultural program promoted from public and private initiatives. This cultural dynamism that encompasses all artistic disciplines makes Logroño into a place where there is always a theatrical, musical, cinematographic or literary event to attend.

Logroño is a city that invites citizens and visitors to practice sports, either outdoors in the many public parks or in its network of indoor sports facilities. In 2014 it was awarded as a European City of Sports due to the variety, quality and accessibility of its sports offer, the promotion of activity among citizens and their positive response. The bicycle is becoming an increasingly common companion in the daily life of Logroño, both as a means of transport and as a sports practice.

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