Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, behind Madrid and Barcelona, and one of the most dynamic in the country thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness of its population and to the initiatives that the City Council has launched to exploit this potential.

Thanks to this, the city has become the third nodal point of connectivity in the country and a benchmark in areas such as climate change, sustainability, innovation, and smart cities.

Being one of the oldest cities in Spain, Valencia’s rich history has given rise to an important historical, monumental, and cultural heritage. It is also a city that boasts venues such as the City of Arts and Sciences that highlight it as a place in which the old and the new coexist in a perfect symbiosis.

Millions of tourists visit Valencia every year and enjoy the warmth of the Mediterranean coast, and join in the celebration of the innumerable festivals and traditions, especially the Fallas, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016.

Its economic activity, with 83% of the population employed, is mainly oriented to providing services and rests on SMEs. Industry and agriculture have populated the outskirts of the city modernizing it and giving it a greater urban character. Valencia is a dynamic economic centre and a reference point for various activities.

Key institutions make the strength of the city in different areas. For example, the Valencia Fair and the Autonomous Port are representative of its economic development; the City Council and its services are proof of its political engagement; and the Universities and Technological Centers represent the knowledge of the city.

Valencia is not only aware of its potential but is also constantly working to find a way to achieve it, especially in an increasingly globalized world. The city aims to increase its international visibility and cooperation to continue growing and providing a better quality of life to its people.

Valencia believes we are moving towards a global citizenry, and the future cannot turn its back on it but rather must work towards it.

María José Catalá Mayor
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Pedestrian area around the Town Hall - © David Rota
El Micalet - © Mike Water
Torres de Serrano - © Rafa Pérez
Torres de Quart - © Arlandis
Turia Gardens - © Pablo Casino
Historical city centre - © Arlandis