Bilbao’s Christmas stand on social and sustainable development

23 December 2022

The Bilbao Christmas Market has reserved this year a space dedicated to promoting local social values and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

Children can attend miniature theatrical show stories and experience sensations related to equality, sustainability and human rights. The objective is to make citizens aware of the importance of both the 17 values included in the Bilbao Charter of Values and the 17 SDGs.

The Bilbao Charter of Values results from the analysis, dialogue, reflection, and collaborative work between institutions, social, cultural, and sports entities, companies, the media, educational centres, and the citizens of Bilbao.

The Bilbao Charter of Values was approved in 2018 and included 17 individual and collective values grouped into four categories – Respect for Human Rights, social justice, equality between men and women, solidarity; diversity/inclusion, engagement, environmental sustainability; participation, trust, creativity, coexistence, identity, effort; co-responsibility, honesty, illusion and health.

Near the stand, the municipality has installed a joining point to the Charter of Values and a signature book so that citizens can seal their commitment to values and the SDGs symbolically.


Marta Buces Eurocities Writer