Lviv’s history is as colourful and amazing as the city itself. It is filled with interesting events and outstanding figures. Today, Lviv is more than 760 years old and has got lots of stories to tell! The city, situated at the crossing of two profitable trade routes, has developed and flourished rapidly and became one of the main trade centres of medieval Europe. Later on, it transformed not only into an architectural gem, but also into the modern capital of scientific, spiritual and artistic life.

Today, Lviv is a city with a special atmosphere, which once had been reigned by the kings for more than half a century. This is the city of lions, jazz, rain, chocolate, gourmet restaurants, terraces and passionate tango. Lviv has the largest number of historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine, counting 2,500 of them. The heart of the city is Rynok Square, with the 65-metre high City hall tower. The observation deck gives an opportunity to enjoy both in summer and winter a splendid view over the whole city. In addition, Lviv is a frequent host city for various festivals and feasts, and visitors can plan their trip around the event that they are most interested in.

One of the largest festivals takes place on the first Sunday of May, when City Day is celebrated. The next event worth noting is the jazz festival, which is held in late June every year. The Guardian added Leopolis Jazz Fest to the list of the 10 best European festivals. Lviv is also worth visiting for Christmas, one of the most revered holidays in Ukraine. The city has preserved authentic Ukrainian traditions of its celebration. But this is not an exhaustive list of events that take place in the city. Lviv is worth visiting at every time of the year. The city also regularly hosts thematic conferences, workshops and other expert events. Therefore, visitors can easily combine work and leisure. Lviv is a perfect place for productive meetings and for generating new ideas.

Numbers speak louder than words: 2.5 million tourists visited Lviv in 2019 and nine out of ten wanted to come back.

Andriy Sadovyy Mayor
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