Poltava is a city where rich cultural heritage is combined with open opportunities for innovative development. This unique combination creates a special city character, attracting visitors and residents alike.

Poltava is well-known for its cultural diversity and historical background. It is a place where every street, building, and square is covered by legends and events that have changed our history. Through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Poltava Battle and numerous museums, the city opens up the past masterpieces. Poltava City is also known for its outstanding theatre scene, modern art galleries, and other cultural centres, where the light of intellectual growth always shines. In Poltava, you can explore Ukraine’s cultural richness.

However, it is not only a cultural hub. Poltava is located among incredible natural beauty – forests, rivers and lakes – which provides opportunities for recreation and active lifestyle. Green parks and alleys make the city clean and promote a healthy way of life.

The city is also proud of its education system. Universities and educational institutions of Poltava are known for their high-quality education level and for helping Ukrainian and foreign students develop their potential. Poltava is also famous for its innovation and startup support, creating new social and economic growth possibilities. The city is constantly developing and creating opportunities for everyone.

Kateryna Yamshchikova Secretary of City Council
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