The city of Odesa is the third-largest city in Ukraine after Kyiv and Kharkiv, and it’s the main industrial, cultural, transport, scientific and resort center of the Northern Black Sea coast.

Internationally, Odesa is known for economic strenght in transport and foreign trade. It is one of the main economic centers of Ukraine, combining the largest seaport, developed industry, transport, financial and social infrastructure.

In 2019,UNESCO included Odesa in the list of creative cities of the world, this event coincided with the World Cities Day, which is celebrated on October, 31. There are more than 1,400 cultural heritage sites and 120 nature reserve funds of national and local significance in Odesa, which make the region one of the most visited cultural centers in Ukraine and the whole world.

The city has 20 museums and exhibition halls, 10 theatres, including the world-famous National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The first performance of the Theater took place on October 1, 1887.

Among the most popular sights of the city are the catacombs of Odesa, the longest in the world, measuring about 2.5 thousand km.
Besides, Odesa has always been famous for its friendliness and hospitality, the complete absence of language barriers, as well as its extraordinary cuisine, which makes it a paradise for foodies.

This multicultural city has 100 nationalities and ranks second after the capital of Ukraine in the number of diplomatic missions, which indicates the high status of Odesa and its recognition by the international community. Today, the city hosts more than 25 diplomatic missions, including the Mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and cultural centers.

Interaction with national rating agencies is provided to supply reliable and complete information to potential investors about the level of credit risk and investment attractiveness of the city. In 2020, the rating agency Fitch Ratings and IBI-Rating declared Odesa as a city with high investment attractiveness at the level of «invAA-».

In order to deepen intercity cooperation, Odesa maintains contacts with more than thirty sister cities, and a number of culturally and socially significant projects are implemented in the framework of this cooperation, in particular, a comprehensive improvement program of our city. For example, the Istanbul Park, donated by the sister city of Istanbul opened in 2017. The central part of the Greek Park was a result of the cooperation with Greek partners in 2018.

The Council of Europe has recognized these intercultural interaction practices as one of the best among the 127 participating cities in the Intercultural Cities program. International cooperation is currently underway to create a Chinese gazebo, Regensburg Square, etc.

Modern Odesa hospitably opens its doors to cultural and business cooperation, so ensuring the comprehensive development of partnerships with various countries and related cities is a priority for the Odesa authorities.

Gennadiy Trukhanov Mayor
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