From left to right: Photo 1 © Wien Tourismus, Peter Rigaud - Photo 2 © Guenther Jahn - Photo 3 © Wien Tourismus, Paul Bauer - Photo 4 © Wien Tourismus, Lukas Beck



Michael Ludwig Mayor - © StadtWien PID by Königshofer
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St. Stephen's Cathedral - © Wien Tourismus, Christian Stemper
Christmas lights: On Graben - © Wien Tourismus, Christian Stemper
Austrian Academy of Sciences - © Wien Tourismus, Christian Stemper
View of the Danube - © Wien Tourismus, Christian Stemper
Vienna JohannStrauß Monument - © Eva Gsteu Kirschbaum
Church of St. Leopold (designed by Otto Wagner) - © Wien Tourismus, Christian Stemper


  • Women shape the future

    Female leaders in our cities – here’s what they have to say on International Women’s Day.

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  • Beating the heat in Vienna

    Austria’s capital, like many European cities, has been hit with abnormally warm summers in the past few years. With 2020 marked as one of the hottest years on record, the city is reinventing itself to deal with climate change that’s already there – and for the climate change yet to come.

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  • Linksmų Kalėdų from Vilnius

    A special tree for a special year: Vilnius celebrates Christmas in a different way – as all our cities do.

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  • Reduce, reuse and recycle to build

    Cities like Vienna are leading the way to apply the principles of circular economy to the construction sector by saving resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and making the most of existing materials.

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  • Home sweet home

    Sharing economy services like Airbnb are much in vogue. Yet, for city administrations, the picture is more mixed.

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