Priorities for Public Service Day

23 June 2021

“Public services are key to good quality of life for all our citizens,” says Juergen Czernohorsky, Vienna City Councillor for Climate and Environment. “We have seen it during the corona pandemic.” Which is why, on the occasion of the International Day of Public Services, the city councillor reiterated the joint demand by many cities, regions and service providers across Europe to have more control over how these services are managed and delivered.

In particular, they ask that investments that local administrations make in public services be exempt from being counted in the EU’s debt, allowing cities to have more margin to ensure quality and accessible services for all. Vienna is also calling for simplification in the state aid regulations to be able to implement better public services.

A portrait of Mr Czernohorsky © PID/Pertramer

Living by example, the city renewed and reaffirmed its commitment to provide high-quality public services at affordable prices for all residents by pledging to uphold the principle on access to essential services of the European Pillar of Social Rights. “Vienna has a long tradition in providing high-quality public services at affordable prices for all our citizens,” said Czernohorsky.

Vienna’s tradition dates back to 1873, when the first mountain spring pipeline started delivering fresh water to the city. Spanning from access to drinking water in public spaces, to waste water management, to investments in sustainable energy and efforts to keep energy provisions at affordable prices, to investments in sustainable and affordable public transport solutions, Vienna is committed to giving its people the best public services. And Czernohorsky promises they “are committed to continue and step up our work in the future.”

*Photos © PID/Pertramer