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EUROCITIES report: Cities delivering social rights

8 February 2019

Eurocities published a report mapping cities’ existing policy measures that are in line with the principles of the EU Pillar of Social Rights. Many cities already deliver inclusive social policies to promote social rights for all people even before the EU Social Pillar was adopted. However, we found that cities’ efforts are not always known or recognised at national and EU levels.

This research is the first in a series of Eurocities surveys to collect evidence from cities in line with the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights. The report covers 20 cities in 12 EU member states governing a total of 20 million people. The evidence was gathered directly from city authorities and their relevant administrative departments. The responses fed into a comparative analysis to identify trends and map inspiring practices.

This report presents the findings on how cities deliver inclusive education, gender equality, equal opportunities and access to the labour market. It provides:

  • an overview of city competences in each of the four policy areas
  • trends and current social challenges at local level
  • good practices of city measures in line with each of the four principles
  • obstacles cities face to doing more or implementing better policies
  • policy recommendations for cities, member states and the EU

Eurocities report – European Pillar of Social Rights

Eurocities report – European Pillar of Social Rights – French version