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Jeanne Barseghian Mayor
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  • Slow down and hit pause

    Slow the pace of life for healthier, more equal and sustainable cities, say time reform supporters. They’re about to meet and present new ideas at Barcelona’s Time Use Week event from 25 to 31 October.

    6 minute read
  • A greener autumn

    In Strasbourg, back to school means better air quality, redesigning courtyards and increasing green areas. Beneficiaries and contributors? Local youths.

    4 minute read
  • Women shape the future

    Female leaders in our cities – here’s what they have to say on International Women’s Day.

    8 minute read
  • Creative meets digital

    Designed as a financial and business support device, Tango&Scan runs an annual open call for collaborative projects with the potential to result in innovative products and services. Recent winning ideas include a balcony with nesting boxes for birds and a serious game that helps children understand their cancer treatments

    1 minute read
  • Making a house a home

    Too many people with nowhere to live, and too many empty houses – if you had to choose two problems to have, these might seem like good candidates for a pair that would solve each other.

    4 minute read